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The election 2014 was historical for entire India, as a result of which India is now blessed with influential leader Mr. Narendra Modi. Mr. Modi launched the project of Digital India with the vision to connect Government with Citizens via E-governance. The prime Minister promises to bring every Indian citizen under the Umbrella of #DigitalIndia by 2019. He believes that India’s Talent + Information Technology = India’s Tomorrow.
                No doubt India is blessed with talented population and making right use of it will lead to better tomorrow. When it comes to Information Technology one name you can never miss is Intel. The project Digital India seems more promising with Intel Inside. Indian youth like me are very excited about this project and I really wish to be the part this movement.
                I am happy that I live in Bangalore city which is very well known as IT hub of India. I also feel blessed as I got a chance to work at Intel a year back. Being an engineer I always wanted to make a difference and use my knowledge for betterment of India. I know everyone feels the same, deep down in their heart, but no one gets support from government. Indian government is very complex and corrupt and hence we can never get in touch with it. The day when each and every citizen of India feels that government is with them, then we can say #DigitalIndia project is completely successful.
                The term Digital India fills my mind with thousands of thoughts about how India can become better place to live in and I imagine living in the Digitized India. I imagine my life simpler, more comfortable with E-governance. I imagine practically possible future of India powered by Intel where citizens use E-governance services in their day today life. Please join me in my future dream with Intel and India.

Are you happy with the city you live in? I am sure majority people will say “No”. There are many things about my city which I would like to change like broken roads, Traffic jams, Street dogs, water issues, electricity issues. But I do not know which department to contact for my issues and my routine do not give me enough time to address these issues. #DigitalIndia gives me online service called I-ChangeMyStyle.  
What Kind of Complains can get resolved via I-ChangeMyCity with #DigitalIndia –
1.       Disturbing potholes in your area.
2.       Unattended Garbage Pile in your area.
3.       Scary Street dogs.
4.       Traffic jams due to lack of traffic signals.
5.       Broken roads.

At present India is not safe for women. There is no place which is safe for women. Women feel unsafe at office, streets, school and colleges. But in future #DigitalIndia women are perfectly safe with the I-ProvideWomenProtection application provided by E-governance. This application can make use of Internet of Things. The buses , cars, cabs have GPS and this can be used to find location of the women in trouble. The safety of women is very critical issue which needs attention.The crime against women is important and I sure "When intel inside safe women will be outside".

Do you think admission in government school and colleges are simple. I know it is not, but in future I-SeekForEducation will make our life much simpler. Getting admission, results and certificates will be just a click away. Now you just focus on learning rest all will be taken care by E-governance powdered by Intel.Education is for everyone and it should not be a luxury. Every girl and boy of India who desire to learn must get access to education.

In my dream future #DigitalIndia there will be proper channel connecting government and job seekers. We can use this channel to get into government jobs as per our qualifications and skills. This service will be helpful for job seekers as well as government. Government offices will get skilled people to do efficient job. Filling job vacancies by reference or bribery will get ruled out. Even though there is model which gives access to list of govt-jobs but it needs lots of improvements.With E-governance there should be fix procedure for job allocation, then government will get skilled workers and skilled workers will get suitable jobs. This will be win-win situation for both.

Service called I-HealthCare is very important service by E-governance. Due to traffic issues many times people cannot survive in ambulance. In this situation I-HealthCare provide well equipped HealthCare Van which will be useful in emergency when patient is unable to reach hospital on time.
I-Healthcare is must develop surgical instruments more and more advance. Indian citizens will prefer government hospitals over private.
Private hospitals are famous for their prompt service, but with E-governance Govt hospitals will provide quick services.

I-FightTerrorism service gives you the way to share any type of suspicious activities happening around your areas. Citizen can give information to government to prevent terrorism. This service should allow citizens to take pictures and send them as proof.In this way every citizen can contribute to prevent terrorism with their alertness. 

Many people face problems when they go to police station and write F.I.R. Most popular response you get when you go to police station is “We cannot address your complain as it comes under some other police station”. It is such irritating response. But with I-PoliceStation you can fill the F.I.R online and get immediate action. It is just like dream come true feeling.

This post is part of #DigitalIndia Prompt by Intel India and Indiblogger.

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