Yes or No for Pre-marital Sex

     Pre-marital sex completely depends upon the situation and reasons behind saying Yes or No. In India people get religious about virginity as a sacred thing which husband and wife should gift to each other. This was a correct thing when girl and boy were forced to marry in their young age even in their childhood which is called as "balvivah". Hence, By default girl and boy lose their virginity after marriage.

      Today's generation has a different and practical meaning of  Love-Sex Relationship, Commitment and Responsibilities, called as RCR. Girls/ Boys spend time with each other to not only enjoy the beautiful moments of life, but they also go for Live-In Relationship to Know and understand the characteristic, chemistry & level of compromise between each other with equal patience, called as triple C's of Practical Life.

       Live-In Relationship tends to Pre-Marital Sex if couple do not imposes enough Self Control. Is there any harm in loosing the control in the act of making Love?  Is it Crime or any unknowingly done Mistake?  As per the current Society, I think everyone will agree that it is NO for a boy and YES for a GIRL.

        Let us consider a scenario as mentioned below.

1)        What if Couples are engaged in Pre-Marital Sex with needed pre-caution and Society is unaware of it?  Meaning Girl is  taking the responsibility on her own.
2)        What if after understanding the triple C's & Pre-Marital Sex, couples find themselves uncomfortable for rest of life? and decide to quit a relationship.

Will Girl be still virgin according to society if they aren't aware?  and hence, she is still  so-called marriage material.
If the Society is aware, will they decide a character certificate for a girl?  or will they consider following scenario's as well and re-think on their rigid and baseless thoughts.

3)      A Couple is married, due to certain reason before sex, they break the marriage.  What will society  Title a Girl, a VIRGIN/Non-Virgin or Divorced?  Will they believe that they didn't had sex?

4)      A Couple is married, there is sex in there life, but no love.  She suffers as she was not given enough chance to select a partner with whom she can live happily.  Again, due to certain reasons, they break the marriage.  Is life of a Girl explainable here?

The point here is, What if after understanding the triple C's & Pre-Marital Sex, Couple find themselves Compatible for the rest of their life?   I ask you a question, Wont they be Happy? Have Society given enough chance to a GIRL?

         Today's generation is aware of the sex education because many schools includes this in syllabus and every teen and adult have access to the Internet. They are aware how they can save their-selves from the side-effects of the sex. They know about the sexual diseases, they know about protection, condoms etc.

 In General, marriage concept in the past and in present are entirely changed- 

Then -
1. Girl's Family contacts Boy's Family.
2. Girl can see the boy and communicate for sometime.
3. Girl and Boy gets married
4. They may fall in Love.
5. They have Sex.

1. Girl and Boy meet
2. They become friends
3. They fall in Love.
4. They commit to each other and update status as in Relationship
5. They may Live in with each other.
6. They may have sex
7. They decided to get married.
8. They inform their families
9. Finally they get married.

My opinion about Pre-Marital Sex is-

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Yes -
1. If the Girl and Boy are Adults
2. If the Girl and Boy are in mature Relationship
3. If the Girl and Boy are aware of all the things related to sex education.
4.If both Girl and Boy agree.
5. If they are ready to face all the consequences which may or may not.

1. If the Girl and Boy are under-age.
2. If  one of them is no ready.
3. If they do not have proper knowledge about sex and protection.
4.If they are forcing their desires on one another.
5. If they are not involved in serious mature relationship.

PS. - I would say this to all  young couples that "Think Twice Before you DO"

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