Balance Of Life

Long time ago there was an era where Husband was “The Earner” and Wife was “The Homemaker”. It was time where life was less complicated and Men and Women shoulder equal amount of work to live a balanced life.
                As time passed the Husband’s work as Earner started getting intricate. Various obstacles came in Husband’s way of earning such as saturation due to increase in population, Invention of machines replacing man power and many more. Apart from tons of difficulties in earning money Husband started worrying about increase in cost of living. When inflation was making Husband bite his nails, at that time Wife shared the load and became “Co-Earner”.
                Wife as “Co-earner” shared Husband’s responsibilities and started earning and contributing as a co-provider of the family, but she never resigned from the role of “Homemaker”. She performed dual role and hence slowly the balance of life began to disturb. Women never give up on her responsibilities and started restoring the balance. She worked for same time as Husband as “Co-Earner” and also she did cooking, cleaning and laundry work as “Homemaker”. Now there are 85% working women in India performing dual Job.
                As life partner Husband and Wife should shoulder each other’s responsibilities. As soon as wife started working as “Co-earner”, it was husband’s duty to take a role of “Co-homemaker” and restore the balance of life. But did not happen then and it is not happening in this current era. It is sad that 76% Men thing that laundry is women’s job and so is cleaning and cooking and even if they help it seems as favour not responsibility. This kind of attitude is little bit of Men’s Fault but major fault lies in the partiality in the upbringing of Man and Woman by society.
                I have shared some thoughts about how the balance of life got disturbed as all households work and office work lies on wife’s lap, but there is solution to restore the balance again. Let us see how -
1.       While raising girl as we educate her to get a job as well as manage her home, then while raising boy why just to educate on getting a job.
2.       As per Ariel statistics 76% Men feel that Laundry is Women’s job, but even remaining 24% Men can’t share the load of their wives. You know why? Because Society treats calls them as “less of Man”. It is important to educate society that working at office doesn’t make wife as “less of women” and in the same way helping in households or doing laundry does not make any husband “less of Man”.
3.       When a Husband understands his wife and tries to restore balance of life by helping his wife then do encourage him. Such a kind of attitude can make a difference and may be after few year 100% men will share load of their wives.
P.S.- Thanks to Ariel for raising the question #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob and giving us an opportunity to share my thoughts.

“I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.”

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