Career of Mr. Litterbug

          Litter-technician is one of the career options full of growth and opportunities. Mr. Litterbug is well known person of Litter and company who won “littery Award of the Year”. His career story will inspire you all to take this as a profession. Mr. Litterbug by profession he is Litter Technician who is brilliant at his job. Since he was born his parents knew he will be great Litter Technician because from birth he started spreading joy of litter. Mr. Litterbug’ jobs includes fallowing responsibilities –
  1. 1.       Decorating India’s Streets food wrappers, vegetable peels and used news papers.
  2. 2.       Wall painting with red color mouth spray.
  3. 3.       Distribute leftover food, cigarette butts, chewing gums and peanuts shells in every corner of India.
  4. 4.       Being a man his role also involves watering the lands with unwanted body fluids.
  5. 5.       Fill the roadside with old useless gadgets.
  6. 6.       The entire list of task mentioned above should be done in large scale at the railway stations and bus stands.

           Recently Litter and Company is expanding their branches in various cities of India where there will be more and more jobs opening. Litter and company announced different job titles such Litter Street Engineer, Litter Walls Engineer, and Litter Everywhere Senior Technician and so on. For entering into the prestigious Litter Company you must have fallowing skills –
  1. 1.       Throwing garbage outside of your home window.
  2. 2.       Throwing wrappers outside from car window after eating.
  3. 3.       Usage of roads for getting rid of unwanted body fluids.
  4. 4.       Throwing leftover and popcorn wrapper under the seat while watching movies.
  5. 5.       While traveling in railway spreading the garbage from source station to the destination station and same applies for the bus journey.

        If you have this skills then please apply for job at Litter and Company and try to be as successful as Mr. Litterbug. After few years recession hit the market and Litter and company started firing people. Everyone was worried of losing their job. News channel started investigating the issue. News channel called X-employee of Mr. Litterbug of Litter and company for Interview.

Journalist- Mr. Litterbug why you left this great job at Litter and Company?
Mr. Litterbug- Litter Technician related jobs and affected by the recession due to US career opportunities new field.
Journalist –What is this new field which is giving tough competition to Litter and Company?
Mr. Litterbug- After successfully working at “Litter and Company” , I got a great offer from US company “ Cleaning Corporation “as I was best employee at my former company I used my knowledge of spreading litter in reverse way to make US cleaner and cleaner.
Journalist – Are you happy with your current job?
Mr. Litterbug- Yes, I am happier with my current job as it adds value to the country where I stay and my surroundings.
Journalist- Do you have any plans coming back to India?
Mr. Litterbug- I am planning to come to India and start a new branch of Cleaning Corporation, which will create many opportunities for growth and success in India. I home when I come back to Indian youth will be eager to learn this new technology and aim for becoming a successful Clean technician.
When this Interview got published Indian Youth gave a great response for this new career options and this career option never faced and kind of recession.

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